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Brake pads

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Hello guys have the euro spec fist and tired of the black dust on my rims

Wanted to know if there is any other front pad options than the ford oem.

Noticed on pumaspeed they have Mintex m1144

Just after some thoughts and choices

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I hear Proterfield R4S brake pads are great because they do away with the initial bite but come on strong as you press into the peddle. They also produce about half as much break dust. This may be my next purchase but I need to research comparable rotors. I think Proterfield offers those as well.
What ever you choose please link the site where to buy. Thanks
Rears are not hard to find since its the same as the SVT focus, its the front pads im interested in. I need low dust brake pads.
1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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