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Buyers Remorse

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I recently bought an Evo X within the last month. I broke it in on the ride from Texas to Illinois. I didn't really get to have much fun on the drive due to breaking it in but its got some miles on it now. Its definitely a fast car that handles great, there is no doubt about that. But, there are some things that really annoy me. The car feels so cheap and has lots of quirks that just annoy me. My steering wheel is crooked for one. It is off by about 10 degrees so hopefully an alignment fixes that issue. The relays on the Evo are absolute garbage so you have to replace those asap. I am by no means a big guy (5'6" 165 lbs) and with a coat on I barely fit. The car already shifts hard into 3rd gear. The center diff pumps go out all the time in Evo Xs. I feel like the turbo lag is awful. When just driving around town the car is very slow. I have not really driven the car hard yet but I slowly go up into the RPMs on the highway and it just doesn't quite feel right, not sure how to put my finger on it. Plus the car was +/- $10k higher than a Fiesta ST. A couple of my friends just got Fiesta STs and are having the time of their life with them. The ST was on my list of cars to consider and I did test drive one. It was very fun. Now I can't wait to trade in my Evo and get an ST. Just thought I would share my whining experience and why I feel the ST would have been a better fit.
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Not trying to rub it in, but I have no remorse at all. This is the most fun vehicle I have ever owned. Hope you get your FiST soon.
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Me too. They had to get mine from 120 miles away.
I too love this car on the back roads. Here in CT we have some real beautiful back roads to flog this car on.:cool: I love it!
Do tell!
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