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Buying a FiST, have a question about the Recaros

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Hey guys, I'm Sebastian, ill be buying a FiST very soon, hopefully by the end of the month, however I do have a question about the Recaros.

If I opt to not get the Recaros, would I be able to buy the ST Recaros from Ford? and than either install them myself or pay Ford to install them? or is this not an option at this time?

I did look around to see if I can find an answer for this, but couldn't seem to find one.

On another note, I drove the FiST and loved it. It's an awesome car and seems to be worth every penny. I'm also coming from previously only owning VW's so I'm also looking forward to learning a little about not Euro cars haha.
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alright I'm just wondering. Especially if it comes to just buying the seats from Ford and installing the myself. I'm sure that can't be to hard.
I'd just call the Ford dealer and ask, but its Sunday so I'm gunna wait till tomorrow, I'll let you know what they say.
alright guys thanks for the help/advice. I'm going to give the Ford dealer i"m buying the car from a call later today. I'll let you guys know what they say.
Alright cool thanks

I'll give em call later today anyway see what they say
So, during my lunch break I actually had to call 4 different dealerships to get an answer from them.

The first two dealerships I called were relatively useless said they didnt even wanna waste their time looking into it.

The second two I called gave me a little more information. The first as Chuckable said they said the sell the parts and pieces for the seats however they couldnt sell me the full seat. Finally, the last place I called, they said they would defiantly be able to get me the recaros, however again as Chuckable said, buying them would cost about 6 grand for a full set. So if anyone else was curious depending on the dealer they can get them but they will run about 3 times more expensive for a full set.

Big thanks to all you guys who commented and helped me out!
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Yeah, also the dealers i did speak to said its safe to assume the Ford/Ford Racing will be releasing them at some point as you can buy the Focus seats from the Ford/Ford Racing. The Fiesta is just too new of a car for them to be sold yet, at least according to several dealers.
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