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Buying a FiST, have a question about the Recaros

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Hey guys, I'm Sebastian, ill be buying a FiST very soon, hopefully by the end of the month, however I do have a question about the Recaros.

If I opt to not get the Recaros, would I be able to buy the ST Recaros from Ford? and than either install them myself or pay Ford to install them? or is this not an option at this time?

I did look around to see if I can find an answer for this, but couldn't seem to find one.

On another note, I drove the FiST and loved it. It's an awesome car and seems to be worth every penny. I'm also coming from previously only owning VW's so I'm also looking forward to learning a little about not Euro cars haha.
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There is so much talk about these seats...should I shouldn't I. Coming from a Fiesta se to a st with Recaro seats, these seats are one of the top 5 things that I love about this car.. everyone that has gotten in my car loves them. Get them now, cheaper and you won't be disappointed
There is talk because where I live cars w the recaros are scarce. As a result the ones you can find aren't at a great price and typically come with nav and sunroof, which I don't want. So instead of being a 2k option it winds up being a huge difference in price. I can get a base st for 20,500 out the door vs. 25,500 for the only one within 300 miles that has them.

With the way used st's aren't holding their value paying 25 and change means you're going to take a haircut in the neighborhood of 5 grand before you walk out the door.

The solution is to buy used but used ones with recaros are also hard to find and if you buy used you can't do the way octane academy.

So right now my options are: base st new, used st w recaros and a long 18 hour road trip or used abarth for way less.
BTW I spoke to someone at ford racing today and he said the fost seats aren't compatible due to the brackets and air bag sensors being different... When asked if they were planning to sell fist seats he said there had been talk about it but it was yet to be decided
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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