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Can you hear the turbo Bypass?

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Can you hear your turbo bypass?

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I can definitely hear my turbo spool and especially bypass when shifting. Some folks can't hear it. Can you? What is your setup if you can?
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Yep, sure can and it doesn't matter if the windows are up or down. Stock setup and I was completely thrown when I first drove it and heard it!
Yep BRGT350 has it spot on, I hear it mostly shifting into 4th and 5th. Feathering the accelerator at quite a few revs in 3rd I can trigger the noise almost on command. I'll see if I can get a recording of it for you.
Unfortunately, that still leaves me with the sound(s) (primarily, at least, a single sound) I'm hearing, which seems to come from the same side of the engine bay, and is heard in the same RPM range (typically, though slightly variable, in 2-3K range) in all gears (best in lower gears, as there is lower ambient noise). It is variable in its intensity, at times being fairly easily discerned, at others difficult to make out. The sound reminds me of the sort of whistling sound that air can make rushing through a cracked-open window.
jimclark, I get a noise that matches your description above. My thought was that it's just the sound of the air getting sucked in through the intake when the turbo is under load.

I could be wrong however as I'm far from an expert on forced induction.
There is, it's just super small. About an inch long and grey, with a hole through the length of it. Mine is at home in my garage, I'll take a pic of it when I get back if no one has posted one by then.
Does removing that foam change the noise you hear in the cabin, or did you mean you added more foam to muffle yours...?
1 - 4 of 39 Posts
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