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Car #1 came in!

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On 10/29/13 we ordered a new Focus SE, loaded to the hilt, for my wife and a Molten Orange ST for me. Zeck Ford (in Leavenworth, KS) wanted my F-150 trade early as he had a buyer and they had the Focus invoice on hand Thanksgiving week, so we made the financial deal on Black Friday. Because of that we got the $1000 customer cash back, $500 coupon from the Focus flyer and the $1500 Black Friday deal as well as X-plan pricing and the $1100 SE MSRP discount. Financing was third party for 3%. I said it looks like Ford is giving away the farm. The salesman smiled and shrugged saying he always works to get the best deal. I think he was hinting that if we had waited until the 12/11/13 delivery, I would have missed the Black Friday deal.

It was delivered yesterday and we absolutely love it. Had 6 miles on it and it was front-center on the showroom floor when we got there!

Total for the Focus SE with the Performance Blue, SE appearance package, Selectshift auto, leather seats, moonroof, winter package and remote start, including sales tax, was $20,790. How 'bout that?

Now I can't wait for the ST to come in. ETA 1/7/14. Maybe I can get the Christmas Holiday deal!

Thank you Ford!
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Now I can't wait for the ST to come in. ETA 1/7/14. Maybe I can get the Christmas Holiday deal!

Thank you Ford!
Congrats on your purchase! So you did two factory orders at the same time? Curious, what is the Christmas Holiday deal? I just received an email about a Holiday sale from a local dealer, but it said it ends the 24th. No details, just that a holiday sale is going on. Which can be total BS. I'm surprised it ends the 24th as well. These dealers will be really pushing to get cars off the lot by December 31.
PS. I FINALLY received another $500 private cash deal from Ford via email this time. However it's in my name but another address. Anyone know if the dealers will honor with my name but not home address?
The Dream Big Sales event.
Right now it is $1500 cash back but the fine print says "not all Fiesta ST models may qualify" so not sure.
Or $500 +0.0 APR. Until 1/2/14. Salesman said as long as he has an invoice in hand he can make the deal. Doesn't depend on physical delivery.
Congrats on the awesome deal you got. You will not regret buying the FiST.

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