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Hey guys - first post ever but long time lurker.

To sum it all up, I bought a certified preowned 2014 FiSt. I put on some winter tires the other day and realized that the drive shaft nuts on the rear of the car had no rust at all, but the ones on the front did. To me they seemed like they were new.

What I am getting at is that I already had slight suspicion that the car had been rear ended or the previous owner backed up into something.

The CarFax doesn't show any reported accidents or anything, and I am assuming if new rear axels were put in then it must have been a little more than just a fenderbender.

Any thoughts? Does any one else notice a difference in the appearance of their front and rear drive shaft nut area??

I can upload pictures if that would help.

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I can't offer ideas for identifying what you're looking for other than, when I dealt with Certified Pre-Owned, part of their sales process was to reveal what all the dealership did from the time they got ahold of it until it got the designation. Of course, if there was a problem that was "fixed" before the dealership got ahold of it, that doesn't help.
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