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The issue of FiST service manuals comes up from time to time and as far as I've seen no one has recommended the Chilton online DIY manuals, so let me do so. They have a great manual for the 2015 Fiesta (which includes all trims, including ST). You can find it at It is subscription based and costs $17 per month or $30 per year. However, each entry has a print button, so you can create your own print or pdf manual, which means that the manual could cost you as little as $17. (I'm not encouraging anyone to make copies to disseminate. These manuals cost lots of money to create, and if no one buys them, they will stop making them, ala Haynes.)

By way of comparison, I also purchased the OEM Ford Fiesta 2016 Service Information CD from for $177. I was thoroughly unimpressed. The CD will only run on Windows computers -- i.e., no Mac OS, Linux, etc. -- and I wasn't even able to run it on Windows 10 inside a virtual machine on Mac OS (I don't know if the problem was Windows 10 compatibility or the VirtualBox software). Helm customer service said the software runs on Windows 7. I got it to run on Windows Vista (of all things).

Further, even though the CD installs (parts of) the service manual software on the computer, you are still required to have the CD in the optical drive whenever you use it, since it reads data off of it. (There is a way around this, but it requires copying the contents of the CD to the local computer and editing a configuration file by hand so that it points the program to the right place.)

So for the cost of the Helm manual, you can get a subscription to Chilton for six years.

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