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Chrome vinyl wrapped 2014 Ford Fiesta ST

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:( I liked Michael's green car. I hate chrome in general so an entire chrome car is absolutely terrible to me.
I do everything I can to unchrome everything, this is 180' of that.

I have seen polished aluminum look stunning, but that is real aluminum and not a wrap. The Kirkham Cobras and Daytona Coupes in polished aluming with hand sanded stripes look fantastic. Chrome sticker isn't the same.
I agree mostly. Polished metal looks good, especially on wheels and exhaust tips. I'm not sure about an entire car polished. Chrome just looks like cheap plastic. The most chrome I can handle is emblems. I like that Ford get rid of most of the chrome of the regular Fiesta for the ST. I hate the chrome strips around doors/grilles or random chrome panels.

The vinyl wrap job on this car looks good, but that's about as far as I'll go. If it wasn't eye catching enough as green I guess it will get even more looks now. But green looked 1,000,000X better. It just looks like a cheap piece of shiny plastic.
I would drive this chrome over the green to be honest. IF I had to choose. But no I don't like it. I'll give that company credit, while it may be different in person, from the camera perspective, the job looks great quality wise. I've seen a few companies on youtube that do this. Any idea of the cost? I'm almost tempted to suck it up and get a base ST on the dealer lot and then change to the ST blue. Not sure if that's cheezey or not though. If done correctly I guess no one would know. And the paint for sure would be preserved. I imagine it's not cheap.
The vinyl is only on the exterior of the car. So if you did a vinyl wrap the door jams and anything painted not on the exterior is going to be more obvious. If you watch the video of this car you can see where the green is still showing. And preserving the paint it won't. I doubt a vinyl wrap will come off nice and clean. If you want a blue car order one or find one on a dealer lot.

Most vinyl wraps done on cars are for companies that want their logo and a picture on the entire car like this one. I wouldn't ever do a vinyl wrap on my own car. If you want to change the color, do it right and get it repainted.
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Just because it's a fad doesn't mean you have to follow in everyone's footsteps. The rusted hood fad for example...

I think it just looks stupid with the door jams the wrong color. Same goes for cheap paint jobs that don't paint the door jams.

I've never been quoted a full paint job or vinyl wrap, but I can imagine they are both fairly expensive. It's not the material that's expensive, it's the labor. I painted a cheap car with $250 worth of paint and supplies. While a professional shop will use better quality paint, it's still the labor cost that's killer. As is with vinyl wrapping because you have to be able to lay that stuff without any bubbles. Sometimes I can't even get a small bumper sticker to lay without bubbles... I don't see what's wrong with repainting a new car if you want it a different color and can't find what you want; as long as it's a reputable paint shop they will likely do a better job with the paint than the factory did. For that matter, you can choose any color of the rainbow rather than stick with Ford's factory colors. I have my doubts on it peeling off real easy, especially if it's on there a couple years. Either way it's gonna cost you less ordering at MSRP than any rebates you'd get on a lot car and painting or wrapping unless you wrapped it yourself, in which case "good luck".
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