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Chrome vinyl wrapped 2014 Ford Fiesta ST

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I would drive this chrome over the green to be honest. IF I had to choose. But no I don't like it. I'll give that company credit, while it may be different in person, from the camera perspective, the job looks great quality wise. I've seen a few companies on youtube that do this. Any idea of the cost? I'm almost tempted to suck it up and get a base ST on the dealer lot and then change to the ST blue. Not sure if that's cheezey or not though. If done correctly I guess no one would know. And the paint for sure would be preserved. I imagine it's not cheap.
Just watching some youtube videos and this chrome one, this seems to be a new option for people. It may be a fad depending on the price. Although the door jams etc may show, you have to admit they did a great job on this car. Nasty chrome color withstanding.

A good paint job is $4k minimum. So that's not an option. Nor would I want to re-paint a brand new car. If you watch the youtube videos, it actually does peel right off. Amazing actually.

Going to my local small town dealers, they won't budge on an order. MSRP is the price and that's that for a Fiesta ST. It makes no sense to me as they would never sell that car from their inventory as it's an order. They should go net net and add $200 plus their admin fees and delivery fee and be happy they sold another car. Plus one for them. Not the case though. Time to look out of state I guess.

The vinyl is only on the exterior of the car. So if you did a vinyl wrap the door jams and anything painted not on the exterior is going to be more obvious. If you watch the video of this car you can see where the green is still showing. And preserving the paint it won't. I doubt a vinyl wrap will come off nice and clean. If you want a blue car order one or find one on a dealer lot.

Most vinyl wraps done on cars are for companies that want their logo and a picture on the entire car like this one. I wouldn't ever do a vinyl wrap on my own car. If you want to change the color, do it right and get it repainted.
My dealer, who I know and respect, said there is only a $500 markup on the FiST. That's off MSRP and of course does not count their volume discounts and backdoor deals with Ford. So if you can get it at or around invoice that's the deal you'll get. If you have a trade-in, make your deal there. That's where you have bargaining room.
While it was a much more expensive car, in 2003 I bought a Mustang Cobra with X-Plan for $32,750 I believe. It's a decade or so ago, so the numbers might not be spot on. MSRP was $33,XXX I think? No matter X-Plan price was lower than MSRP of course. At the time it was a good deal as most were paying more than MSRP due to high demand. My neighbor who worked for a smaller auto lender told me to wait as he assured me prices would fall after the hype. But I didn't listen. Sure enough a number of months later dealers were blowing them out for $28,500 for the coupe. Over $2000 under invoice. Since there were no options except a convertible, it was an across the board price for the coupe. One dealer in Ohio I think had like 8 coupes for that price. Just pick your color and leave paying $28,500 plus tax tags etc. There is NO possible way they lost money on those cars. So you can see how much profit is built in. I would say the dealer who is telling you they only make $500 off these cars is not being forthcoming. Just look at some of the deals people were recently getting for 2013 Focus ST's. Well under invoice. Like by thousands of dollars.

So I understand the dealers wanting to maximize profits, but they still make money selling under invoice. When there's demand, they probably won't budge. Have them sitting on the lots and the tide turns. That's why I posted in another thread about factory ordering. It's a deal they would NEVER make off their lot. Can't see why they won't go lower for a deal they would never get otherwise.
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Well duh. Of course Ford discounts out-of date 2013s to their dealers, the 2014s are in.
That's very true. Probably a bad example. Just shows how low they can go though. And even right now you can get a 2014 Focus ST "under invoice". In fact you can get one right around or lower than a Fiesta ST. Base car that is. Cars are sold under invoice all of the time. It's not some magic number that can't be reached. The Fiesta ST is too new right now for that, and too few out there. But soon enough the same will happen with them. And again the $500 markup for this car just seems way too low. There's more profit built in than that.
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