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Cinderbike's Fiesta ST (mods + gallery)

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Originally posted this in the Performance Blue ST thread but spinning it off since I'm starting to get parts ordered and such. Initially it's going to be mostly cosmetic stuff, but I plan on getting some performance parts as more start becoming available.

I took delivery of my factory ordered Fiesta ST on September 27th. My dealer tells me it's the first retail sale of a Fiesta ST in the state of Nevada.

I ordered the car way back in June and it finally arrived while I was on vacation. Picked it up when I got back 2 weeks ago.

And my first 'mod':

Since these pictures were taken I installed the real license plates (bye-bye temp tag!) and upgraded the mounting screws to stainless steel while I was at it.
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My all-weather ST mats were waiting for me when I got home from work so I threw them in tonight.

ST mats
by cinderbike, on Flickr

Here's a comparison shot with the mats that came with the ST.

ST mat vs. OEM mat comparison
by cinderbike, on Flickr

These should be great for all the mud and snow coming soon.
Did you get these off eBay? My dealer said they still cannot order them In Canada. But they look like they are available in the US.
I got them through [email protected] Cheaper than eBay by about $10.
Oh right Steve. Thanks!
Finally slapped my winter setup on yesterday - and good timing, as I woke up to 1/2" of snow this morning! :)

I'm running 195/45 R16 Pirelli Snow Control II's on 16x7" Sparcos. Ride is softer than stock, but not squishy like some other snow tires can be.

I also cleaned the car on Saturday, no before/after shots but here is my equipment setup:

I didn't get a chance to wax the car - too cold and windy - but it still shined up nicely.
Awesome! Looks great.

What's the red strainer looking thing?
I've got the OEM ST mats as well. Very happy with my purchase :)
I got these too but from the dealer. They ended up giving them to me at cost. still pretty expensive bust cheaper than ordering myself and paying for shipping. Very happy with them though.
I would prefer the load floor in lower setting + proper finishing... of course.. However, so far.. I've just been using that area to store things that I don't necessarily want touching the carpeting, or visible in plain sight... An organizer of sorts under there would be nice..

I still have not been able to get the spare tire low enough to bring the load floor down to the bottom setting.. Not even close.
I do the same. I posted this a while ago but this is my solution.
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Thanks, they come seperate? Is there a way to link them together so they dont move around?

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They actually fit pretty tight in there on their own. But you could easily buy some double sided tape or a Velcro kit and sick them together. Or punch holes and zip tie them together...
Cool...velcro sounds good.

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That would be my vote too.
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