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Cinderbike's Fiesta ST (mods + gallery)

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Originally posted this in the Performance Blue ST thread but spinning it off since I'm starting to get parts ordered and such. Initially it's going to be mostly cosmetic stuff, but I plan on getting some performance parts as more start becoming available.

I took delivery of my factory ordered Fiesta ST on September 27th. My dealer tells me it's the first retail sale of a Fiesta ST in the state of Nevada.

I ordered the car way back in June and it finally arrived while I was on vacation. Picked it up when I got back 2 weeks ago.

And my first 'mod':

Since these pictures were taken I installed the real license plates (bye-bye temp tag!) and upgraded the mounting screws to stainless steel while I was at it.
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I still have not been able to get the spare tire low enough to bring the load floor down to the bottom setting.. Not even close.
I was having the same problem till I realized I was doing it wrong. It doesn't fit up flush with the seats, but instead back against the bumper. Put the front in to the angled slot push it down till it hits the tire then pull back smartly towards the rear. It looks dumb and leaves exposed metal at the front so I just put it back up in the top position. If I ever need the extra room I'll just toss it in the garage and throw a blanket in the back.
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