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Cleaning the mountune Green air filter

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So I cleaned the Green drop in air filter, that comes with the mountune full induction kit, with the Green filter cleaning kit. Followed the directions, meaning warm water through the clean side, air dry, and then re-oil. Reinstalled. Went to go to work this morning and got an engine warning light. I thought I may have applied too much oil onto the cotton filter, and that was causing the dts. Driving home I remembered that I had to unhook the temperature sensor on the mountune high flow induction hose to get the filter in and out. Once I monitored intake air temperature, I saw -40 deg F and knew something was amiss, and it clicked. Sooo, clean your filter and remember to re-clasp the temp sensor!
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Yeah I cleaned mine two weeks ago and i have had a few k&n's so im familiar with how liberal you have to be with the oil. I always think I am going to forget that sensor but I dont. Fears of old habbits I suppose.
I ordered a spare during the Black Friday sale. These filters look very much like something from K&N Filters, which means that they should be able to go something like 50,000 miles and still filter air better and flow better than stock paper filters.

I believe K&N has a million mile warranty(or they used to) as long as you clean and oil it like you are supposed to.

I recommend cleaning every 10-20 depending on use. Usually you change a paper filter every 20k so cleaning this every 20k should suffice. I do alot of highway driving and some on dirt roads so the filter gets dirty way quicker. I usually try to do it every 10 but if I miss a few thousand I am not worried.
Mine came with a decal. I didnt stick it on there since I do all my own service, I put it on my toolbox :). I would honestly just let the technician/place know to not change the air filter.
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