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Clear bra?

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Anyone get pricing on getting a clear bra installed? I got a quote for $999 and that's more than I want to pay. I'm thinking about ordering bulk film and doing it myself. Anyone have any cheaper alternatives or experience with the DIY?
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Thanks guys. The quote was for 18" on the hood, front bumper, mirrors and the front portion of the fenders. That's less than what you guys had done and that's why it seems high to me. I guess I'll check around and get more quotes.
Ok, I did some research and I think I'll give the spray a shot. For 1/10 the cost, I can redo it a few times and still come out way ahead.
I did the 3M spray and I'm pretty happy with it. I already have a few small chips and wanted to prevent more. There is a little orange peel texture and I think I didnt apply it slow enough. I did the entire hood and bumper. I also plan to do the A pillars and the side mirrors. Definitely worth the cost. It was a pain to tape off the grille and fog lights. I also sprayed the headlights but it's not even enough and I'll probably peel that off.

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1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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