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Clear bra?

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Anyone get pricing on getting a clear bra installed? I got a quote for $999 and that's more than I want to pay. I'm thinking about ordering bulk film and doing it myself. Anyone have any cheaper alternatives or experience with the DIY?
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I went with the 3M spray on clear bra on my wifes black FiST. Did one door mirror, front bumper and complete hood.
It was not easy to get the consistency right, it stayed wet for a long time and is is designed to go on looking very orange peely.
The bumper I sprayed too thin so that did not come out very smooth. The hood I overdid on the top outer edges so I have runs there.
Overall I like it and I doubt anyone would notice my mistakes except if you were very close to the car. The door mirror came out best and that looks no different in color to the rest of the car.
My FoST has a "traditional" clear bra on the front and it looks bad from 10,000 miles of driving but I am not about to spend out another ~$800 to have it redone. I am not sure if spray-on is as strong as the plastic film but it is designed to be replaced each year.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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