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Clocking Koni Shocks

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Prior to having the Koni rear shocks installed, I was going to have them dyno'd. Then I realized that I probably won't go through the motions of testing, removing,testing, etc. I just wanted to make sure that they both were doing the same amount of work. So after setting both to wide open, I measured the time it took to go from fully compressed to fully extended. That was about 9 seconds.
Then I started turning up the rebound on one till I got to about 15 seconds. That was about 1.25 turns on that one.
On the second one, it was about 1.5 turns.
I realize that these times are dependent on the gas temperature at the time. It seemed to work for my purposes though.
After installation I noticed a lot of thumping from the rear. After I got home I did some checking and found that the bottom cross bolts were not very tight. They were only about half as tight as what they should have been (115NM). A little torque wrench work and all seems well now.
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Do you have koni street or sport in the rear only or all around?
How does the car handle with oe struts in front. Do you experience more understeer on hard cornering? Does it feel stable on cornering while going over imperfections on the road?
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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