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Clocking Koni Shocks

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Prior to having the Koni rear shocks installed, I was going to have them dyno'd. Then I realized that I probably won't go through the motions of testing, removing,testing, etc. I just wanted to make sure that they both were doing the same amount of work. So after setting both to wide open, I measured the time it took to go from fully compressed to fully extended. That was about 9 seconds.
Then I started turning up the rebound on one till I got to about 15 seconds. That was about 1.25 turns on that one.
On the second one, it was about 1.5 turns.
I realize that these times are dependent on the gas temperature at the time. It seemed to work for my purposes though.
After installation I noticed a lot of thumping from the rear. After I got home I did some checking and found that the bottom cross bolts were not very tight. They were only about half as tight as what they should have been (115NM). A little torque wrench work and all seems well now.
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You have to take a cone drill bit and enlarge the shock bolt hole up in the chassis. That will eliminate that thump. It was a big deal a year ago when guys started adding aftermarket shocks. They tried rubbers pads and all kinds of things. I drilled out the hole and has worked quite well.
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