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Cluster panel

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I am from Puerto Rico. Recently buy a Fiesta ST Molten Orange. Love this car.
I got a paused un cluster. I read something about shipping mode status.
You guys know how cant correct this
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Thanks for the info. I am gone a take a look. Soy de Carolina man
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Since I resolved the problem. Ford turned the Transport Mode active.This is activated when the vehicle is exported to another country. The dealer will normally disable transport mode when prepping the vehicle. In my case they did not disable. For this reason came out paused in the cluster. I found these steps and I could solve.

Disabling Transport Mode

1.Place the ignition OFF

2.Verify the battery is fully charged.

3.Place the ignition ON.

4.NOTE: Steps 4 and 5 must be carried out within 10 seconds.

Press and release the brake pedal 5 times.

5.Press and release the hazard switch 4 times (on, off, on, off).

When you hear thehorn honked its done!
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