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Hello from Houston everyone. I just purchased a used, Tuxedo Black Fiesta ST earlier this week and I'm already loving it. Here's my quick introduction. I'm looking forward to being a part of this community.

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Back in '08 I purchased a totaled 2006 Cobalt SS from a salvage yard and made the necessary repairs with the help of my dad and grandpa so that it could serve as a means of transportation as I went to off to college. It was a great deal, even after replacing the airbags, and making some minor frame and body repairs. I fell in love with this car quickly and 7 years / 60,000 miles later it still puts a smile on my face. As a salvage though, the relationship was very much so Love/Hate. It's never failed me completely but it's never exactly been confidence inspiring either.

Long story short, it's come time to replace the Cobalt. I test drove WRXs (hold their value too well unless modded or over 100,000 miles), GTIs (way too common on the roads in my opinion), a Civic Si (too common again), a Volvo C30 (repair costs scared me), and even a Focus ST (good car but it just felt off to me somehow). After shopping around for months I eventually got into the driver's seat of a Fiesta ST and instantly felt a connection. It's got the go-kart handling I was looking for and so far it's got a very direct feel to it. From the steering, to the engine, nothing feels overly computerized even though the FiST does have some driver aid systems. I think that sort of balance is rare to find in a car these days.

Anyways, I won't write out a novel here. I just wanted to give a brief introduction and say hello to everyone. Check out some quick pictures I snapped of my small fleet below. I don't know if I'm going to be selling the Cobalt yet or if I'm going to try converting it to a dedicated track/autocross vehicle.

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Land vehicle Vehicle Car Steering wheel Center console
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