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hey I switched from a rotary to a fiesta st not too long ago(been wanting one for a while lol).....and had a question regarding stage 3 on the cobb ap v3 and was hoping somebody would be able to help me out. Well my question was until I decide to swap out the turbo with an aftermarket/bigger turbo(which when I do get a bigger turbo of course ill be taking to a actual tuner to have them install it and tuned w/ an aftermarket/performance turbo exhaust and my other bolt on parts I have already installed) but do I really NEED a aftermakert/performance exhaust to run stage 3? will it be that bad for the car if I run it on stock exhaust? is it the stock exhaust too restrictive to actually gain the power increase? or can it actually be done w/o any problems.....if somebody can actually help me out please let me know thanks....I just don't like exhaust sounds on cars that is not NEEDED...makes me feel like a ricer lol............well pretty much can I run stage 3 w/ intake,bov,downpipe,rmm,fmic,and a tune from the ap???
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