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I spoke to Cobb today after trying to fruitlessly track down the software for AccessTunerRace.

Here is what I was told:

After looking at the position of the industry and competing software, we have decided to redesign and retool our AccessTunerRace software. As such we have temporarily removed it from our webpage. Check out our blog page for more info.

ATR Update

If you have any other questions feel free to send me another message.


According to their blog, to gain access to this software that used to be free, you know have to pay for training to get the software. This is complete and utter bollocks for those who have experience tuning their own vehicles and were excited to jump in and start making some tweaks to the maps that Cobb has supplied out of their own garage.

So. Does anyone have the ATR installer on their hard drive that you could either PM to me or offer up here as "Legacy Software" so that other users can enjoy the freedom this previously free software enabled?
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