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Currently in only USDM support, sorry!

We are working on Accesstuner (the custom tuning software) along with hard parts and more OTS maps!

as an owner of a WRX modified to run e85 and using access tuner race and using your turbo back exhaust i am very interested in what you come up with both for tuning and bolt on exhaust options.... note that i run a slightly larger turbo, and top mount so my modifications are a modest 'stage III'.

perusing whats been done for the focus ST, i dont have a lot of expectations about running setups that require more fueling than the current injectors/pump modificaiton/replacement.

im looking for a new 'project car' and the fiesta st is high on the list.. though i would almost kill for an AWD version of this car...


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Pumaspeed already reached 230whp with full Milltek / IC / tubular manifold on stage 1 software

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while interesting, the trick to getting significantly more (decent) hp out of this car will be a different turbo, or perhaps the stock turbo modified ('ive seen that done too).

i would think the last thing you'd need would be the manifold unless the stock one has restrictions or the new one allowed aftermarket turbos with stock placement or nearly so.

stage III+ (what you are talking about) would go something like this:
1. bigger downpipe and turbo back exhaust
2. bigger intercooler
3. slightly bigger turbo
4. bigger intake (perhaps)

i did all 3 (not 4) for my subaru and went from 220 or thereabouts crank HP to 300 whp. this was with e85, slightly less with 93. a larger intake was not needed for my power goals as the subaru stock unit is probably better than aftermarket unless you go front mount and/or speed density tuning.

also, i had to increase my fuel injectors from 550cc to 1000 and go with a bigger fuel pump n the stock location (mostly for e85 goals)

i did all of the modifications myself and then tuned the car myself.

the issues i see with the ST, as long as you keep your goals in check (similar to what i did with the 2003 WRX). is bigger turbo (will aftermarket make stock placement units like they did for the WRX), and more importantly, what will the stock fuel system support or how easy is it to modify?

and then there is the issue of it being front wheel drive and at what point does the extra power become useless or cause problems.

i think the goal of 250 (at the crank) is a solid and probably doable goal but we wont know until the tuners start selling parts and tunes. of course you could go wild with a custom built unit and then use a standalone to tune it but at that point you're better off just buying something else with performance already part of the package or a very easily modified platform.

BTW, i did my WRX with cobb. and one reason i bought the ST is because i knew cobb was gonna support it. im hoping to see a stage III kit from cobb similar to the focus. i will also purchase access tuner race and tweak the tune myself. if the fueling will support it i will tune for e85.
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