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cobb shift knob

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Just bought a Cobb Shift Knob for my tuxedo black the feel of it and its quite a bit lighter then the stock one. The black and red also goes nicely with the rest of the car.


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Is anyone aware of how the delrin portion of the Cobb knob attaches to the base? I like the milled aluminum base but I'm not crazy about delrin. I really want to attach a laminated wood knob (ala Porsche 917 race car) that we sell through my work to the Cobb knob base.
Press fit, not very easy to separate, sorry! Wood would be cool though!

I spoke to Aaron in customer service and he's going to send me a base from a blemished knob. I have a guy that I know through my work who makes lovely wooden 917/908 shift knobs. It's going to be awesome!
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So I got my Cobb Knobb base from Aaron on Monday. Really nicely machined. It goes to my wooden shift knob guy next week. I'm super excited. I hate the stock knob's shape and the fact that it basically turns into a branding iron in the Southern California sun. I'll post pictures when the new knob is all done.
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