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cobb shift knob

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Just bought a Cobb Shift Knob for my tuxedo black the feel of it and its quite a bit lighter then the stock one. The black and red also goes nicely with the rest of the car.


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just waiting for the white one. hopefully it'll be out the same time i decide to get my AP
And we're back on topic...
We have always been ON topic.

I DO own a Cobb Shift Knob.
I bought it when it was first discovered to fit the FiST
It IS the all Black version and I do LIKE the size.
It does NOT slip in my hand and I have had NO issues.
My Wife does like it and allowed me to buy it.

And this photo has been posted within my signature for a long time.
I would however really like to have an Orange one.

So what's the problem?

No problem. Nice knob!
Just a carefully applied thin coat of red Plastidip over a base of orange Plastidip. Anyone who wants it can send me their knob and I'll dip it for you.
Bad photoshop :)

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It's not photoshopped. It's a phone shot of my plastidipped knob.
I would think that plastidip would come off with use.

Hasn't come off my wheels and I did those last fall. I did the knob previously in just orange and peeled it off because it wasn't the shade I wanted. It will come off, but you do have to work at it. It sticks very well.
1 - 6 of 51 Posts
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