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I changed my oil for the first time last night, so I took some pictures to share the fun! For this oil change, I used the OEM filter and oil as recommended by the manual. - Ian

13mm Socket or Wrench

Oil Filter Wrench

4.3 Quarts of Oil
New Filter

1. Pop the hood, undo the oil cap, and set it to the side.

2. Identify the oil filter location and oil drain plug.

3. Use the 13mm socket or wrench to remove the drain plug and drain the oil.

The factory drain plug uses a rubber gasket to seal against the pan. This can probably be re-used a few times, but make sure you verify its condition.

4. Re-insert the factory drain plug and seal. Then, use the filter wrench and remove the factory filter. There will be some oil in it and it is a tight squeeze, so be prepared for a small mess.

5. Add some new oil to the new filter, then apply new oil to the filter seal.

6. Verify the drain plug is secure, screw the factory filter back on tightly, then clean up the oil around the filter.

7. Double check everything, lower the car, and add new oil! Down to about the "20" make on the 5th bottle worked perfectly for me, but verify on your dipstick.


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This is very helpful! I am planning on changing my own oil for the first time this weekend and this will be very easy to follow.
The only thing to watch for are the clamps on the oil cooler.
They tend to bite.
You may want to turn them to save your hands.

One other thing.
The 4 quarts of oil are easy to find.
It's the .3 quart that is always out of stock.


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I changed mine two weeks ago, with a set of Rhino ramps and a large oil tray. I also replaced the drain plug with a quikvalve and extension from Fumoto. This way I'll never need to pull that plug again. I also purchase everything at Walmart (5 quart container of motorcraft semisynth + motorcraft oil filter) cost was $23.00. Wear safety glasses, vinyl gloves and you'll be fine. I'm an old man. If I can do it, anyone can. I had to use a special oil filter wrench, because a gorilla must have installed the first one at the Ford factory/

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FL-2057 is the filter fitted at the factory and is replaced in service by the FL-910S. There are no specs provided because this filter is only fitted at the factory and is not supplied through the Ford Customer Service Division.

Per the information provided to dealerships "SERVICED BY BE8Z-6731-AB PER PNAEF" with that being the long number for a FL-910S.

From Bob the oil Guy site linky here ;)

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As I have posted elsewhere, there is a great deal of inconsistency in Ford's manuals. In both the U.S. ST owners manual and the ST supplement, the specified oil filter is the FL-910S.

From the website:

Brand: Motorcraft

Part Number: FL-2057
No price is listed. It suggests calling your dealer.
It is listed as for the 1.6l engine.

Fortunately, with the FL-910S being $3.99 at Walmart, I am not going to spend too much time worrying! :)

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I'll be changin my oil later today.
Found out on Thurs or Fri last week that the oil change service through the dealership here that I purchased has restrictions. I have to wait 3000 miles between oil changes. I should really look the contract closer. Blah.

Anyways, I am not wanting to be restricted by their schedule, so I'm canceling that.
I'll be using bosch distance plus performance oil filter D3330 (happens to be the same as my dodge neon) and valvoline synth blend 5w-20. It'll probably be the high mileage unless I can find the durablend at walmart.
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