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Code P061A

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Hi guys I am currently running Cobb OTS Stage 1 91oct... I have the Cobb stage 1 power pack and ATP down pipe. After hard acceleration code P061A comes on. I am pretty sure that this code is putting my car into limp home mode... I know that the code is for a PCM error. The code resets itself every time the car is turned off but comes back on after hard acceleration. I have called Cobb customer service and they informed me it could be the down pipe because stage 1 isn't designed for a cattless down pipe. I am also only pushing around 19.5psi max and boost usually holds around 18psi. I am going to tighten my clamps soon. Just wondering if you guys had any ideas of what is causing the code to come on.... I emailed Ian at Cobb today... Hopefully he will have some answers.

P061A - Internal Control Module Torque Performance

Description:possible Causes:Indicates an error occurred in the powertrain control module (PCM). • Software incompatibility issue • Damaged PCM

Diagnostic Aids:

Verify the PCM is at the latest calibration level.

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Torque Performance... Hmmmm. You could be hitting a torque / load limit. With the cat removed you have greater output.
Did you buy the flasher from a specialist, such as Mountune? Do you have custom programming and data logging analysis with any company, in other words?
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