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Concept headlights

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I look at these all the time and wish so bad that they came on the car. If ever someone makes these please do tell

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Wow, those are hot!

Who is making these?
Only Ford as far as I know and these are probably the only set in existence. :(
If made in China, etc, by a really good manf(only way to keep costs affordable) designed to have the best possible output in terms of focus, aim, cutoff, etc....made from really good materials, HID of course and high and low beams, may as well as not that much more money, in all areas top quality, what would you be willing to pay?

If enough were wiling to commit to it, put at least a serious deposit down, I bet we can find somebody to do it. I would consider it but would have to have help in organizing it across all ST forums, keeping track of it all, etc...........

I have been upgrading stock headlights since the early 70's, really, lighting is an absolute key performance mod for night driving and safety.

An extreme example:
510 Datsun, winter mode, TD rallys, lots of back woods fun....replaced the stock 5" dual lights with quad high and low beam 7" euro spec Hella headlights and had two 7" fogs and two 7" pencil beams, big arse battery in the trunk and bigger alt. I could really see miles ahead with this setup and just as important see where I was going when sideways;)

In the summer mode, autocrosses, long days so less night driving, smaller battery and just the dual 7" high and low beams.

With really good projectors I have had great lighting with just the best bulbs in none HID systems, and when HID really not much you need to do.
I only had one car that had projectors in both positions and not stock HID but just good bulbs worked very very well.

Back to the main issue, if you really want these then make it happen, I am willing to help but have more than enough to do, that is how things work, we are the ones to create whatever we want;)

I want them pretty bad... I would love to make this happen but I know nothing about lighting and i have no money lol. I have determination however...
Here is a quick photoshop on my car in case anyone is as obsessed as me.
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Looks great, if we really want this or something like it, maybe refined a bit more but they look good to me now....we can make it happen.
When do we start lol? Do you know a company that would do it? Or maybe there's someone with connections at Ford that can tell us more about them.
I would pay for those. I paid for the Sport appearance headlights for my SES, so I'm no stranger to pricey headlights. Our cars are fairly exclusive for the price and I don't mind making it a bit more unique. I just hope they make this an option so we can purchase them in the future. If not, what does a set of our lights cost? How hard would it be to modify? Beyond my ability and time to be sure, but what would it cost?
Well our current lights cost about $300 each from Tasca and Dirtyblueshirt got the euro lights for around £400 each I think... So similar lights plus time and fabrication could run quite a bit...
400 pounds equals what 6 or 800 usd ?
Closer to $700

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The concept headlights are what I am basing my HID projector retrofit. Only a few more weeks until is done. I got an extra set of OEM headllights for $250.00.

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I was wondering where you were at on this. I'm really interested to know how it turns out... And how much it cost lol
$780.00 for the retrofit + $250.00 for the extra set of headlights. My OEMs will cost more when they are available.

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Sounds for enough if the quality is there and they look good.
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