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Considering a FiST

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Hi Everyone! I'm currently an enthusiastic Mazda2 owner, but thinking hard about moving up to an ST (like Slow Paul) for the increase in performance, but also the more sophisticated interior, etc. I'd love to hear from any ST owners on how you're feeling about your STs after living daily with them for a month or two. Anyone who previously owned a 2 would be great to hear from as well. Thanks in advance!
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FRS was a much softer ride compared to the rebound happy (aka bouncy ride) of the ST I wouldn't call it a harsh ride though. Most noticeable on frost heaved roads this year .. Now I did have taller winter tires on the FRS 205/50/17 vs 195/55/15 on the ST.. Do I care. Not really I'll give up the ride for the power this car has coming out of second gear ( Cobb AP used here)
And on a side note off topic but I just read the Dec 23 edition of Autoweek and the had a blurb on their long term BRZ on page 39 it mentions the car has 15k miles or so on it and the 6 speed Trans is showing wear as it is getting hung tween gears and grinds periodically going into 5th gear as well as a few other nit picky things .
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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