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Considering a FiST

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Hi Everyone! I'm currently an enthusiastic Mazda2 owner, but thinking hard about moving up to an ST (like Slow Paul) for the increase in performance, but also the more sophisticated interior, etc. I'd love to hear from any ST owners on how you're feeling about your STs after living daily with them for a month or two. Anyone who previously owned a 2 would be great to hear from as well. Thanks in advance!
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My wife gets more seat time than I do since it's her daily driver, but I can say it's been the most fun car we've ever owned. If you want a car that put's a smile on your face every time you go for a drive, or need an excuse to go for a ride....then just buy one.

My wife decided she wanted one when she saw the glowing review on Top Gear back in July. Until then the plan was to buy her a Fiat 500 Abarth, the Fieasta ST has never made us regret the decision. It was every bit as good as we expected it to be, and even fairly practical as a bonus.It's an amazing car.
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