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Considering a FiST

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Hi Everyone! I'm currently an enthusiastic Mazda2 owner, but thinking hard about moving up to an ST (like Slow Paul) for the increase in performance, but also the more sophisticated interior, etc. I'd love to hear from any ST owners on how you're feeling about your STs after living daily with them for a month or two. Anyone who previously owned a 2 would be great to hear from as well. Thanks in advance!
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Anyone with FRS/BRZ, Acura Integra, recent Corolla XR-S, or 1st-gen Tiburon experience who can comment on the relative harshness of the ride in the FiST? Those are my available comparators... I realize a test drive is the way to go, but it's not possible yet around the GTA.
^ Yes the FRS forum inputs also suggest that the famous Toyota reliability is somewhat missing from the twins...will read the Autoweek piece when it's online, thanks for the heads up on that.

But holy crap, the FRS has a "much softer ride" than the FiST?? :eek: The FRS is already at the limit of what I think I'd find tolerable given the road conditions around here. Good to know - I definitely will not be ordering a FiST sans test drive.
1 - 3 of 24 Posts
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