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Considering a FiST

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Hi Everyone! I'm currently an enthusiastic Mazda2 owner, but thinking hard about moving up to an ST (like Slow Paul) for the increase in performance, but also the more sophisticated interior, etc. I'd love to hear from any ST owners on how you're feeling about your STs after living daily with them for a month or two. Anyone who previously owned a 2 would be great to hear from as well. Thanks in advance!
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I saw the Mazda 2 question and couldn't resist registering and giving a response.

I traded a Mazda 2 for an ST. It's the proper choice.

I bought the 2 in 2012 for very specific reasons. Principally, I love the basic DNA that Mazda builds into their products. Even the most dull and underpowered car they sell is actually an amazing drive. Everyone that judges the 2 without having spent any time with one is a fool. Yes, it's 100hp and not as exciting as it could be, but it is also incredibly composed and drives better than every single car in the segment.

I own two 3rd Gen Rx7's (FD) and generally love what Mazda does. That's why I chose to make my new daily the 2. For 18 months, I loved it. In fact, I would still own and enjoy all I could get from that 100hp if it weren't for the Fiesta ST.

It's fundamentally the same platform and has twice the horsepower. Frankly, it's not even a question.

The ST is everything everyone else has said that it is. If you appreciate the pure driving dynamics and capabilities of the lowly Mazda 2, then the ST will be a bit overwhelming. I can't recommend it enough.
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