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Considering Cobb Accessport for my FiST

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I'm thinking of purchasing a accessport from rallysportdirect as it's on sale. However, when I went to the Cobb's website, the gain for stage 1 wasn't all that impressive. I know there are a few people who owns the Accessport and I'm trying to see if that extra $500 is worth it.

Please chime in!
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It does two important things, it removes the torque limiting in first and second gear and it increases the low end torque by quite a bit.

Peak numbers are not everything, the effect of the tune is quite noticeable every time you drive the car.
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Cobb will be releasing at least one part later this month.

Their stage 2 usually includes an intake, intercooler and cat-back exhaust with tune, I think it will be a while before all the parts are ready.
First and second are the biggest changes but accelerating from a cruising rpm should feel better too. Maybe check your hose clamps for boost leaks.
No, its pretty much just the small turbo.

Cobb stage two gets it up around 210 whp but that's intake, intercooler and piping.

With a downpipe upgrade we might see 220 or a little more but I think that is about all we will get.

Once you swap the turbo for something bigger, the next bottleneck is the fuel system but ATP has a car running around with 264+ whp with an upgraded turbo, intercooler, intake piping, downpipe and tune.

With different turbos and a more mature tune, 300 whp should be easy if the fuel system can keep up.
1 - 4 of 32 Posts
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