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Crime wave

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RS's and ST's being stolen by the hundreds in the UK through the OBD port, overiding any and all Ford anti-theft mechanisms. I wonder if Cobb knows about this, even though the Acessport is invalid in the Uk?... but I am curious of what we have to say here in the homeland...Is Cobb's anti-theft mode good enough? Viper is battling this crime wave with their anti-theft system, which immobilizes the car regardless of the where the fob is. I'll post this in Cobb's site as well.
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Stolen by the hundreds? Source? It sounds a little sensationalist as the UK only imports around 1-2 thousand FiSTs per year...

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Thanks for the mature response. Typically, when you present a claim or argument, you back it up with a source or evidence..

Anyways, OBD hacking and car theft has been going on for a few years. It's not anything new. High end Mercedes and BMWs have been susceptible to this for a long time. I believe it coincides with more sophisticated engine ECUs and electronics.

Again, I would hardly call this a "crime wave".

Funny, is trying to imagine these people stealing my car:
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