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Crime wave

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RS's and ST's being stolen by the hundreds in the UK through the OBD port, overiding any and all Ford anti-theft mechanisms. I wonder if Cobb knows about this, even though the Acessport is invalid in the Uk?... but I am curious of what we have to say here in the homeland...Is Cobb's anti-theft mode good enough? Viper is battling this crime wave with their anti-theft system, which immobilizes the car regardless of the where the fob is. I'll post this in Cobb's site as well.
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I think you mean OBD port, not USB port.
OBD is correct...American cocktail hour can corrupt facts
Stolen by the hundreds? Source? It sounds a little sensationalist as the UK only imports around 1-2 thousand FiSTs per year...

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Look it up! I'm not your mommy....
I'm still not your mommy thank gods...but anyway I was being light hearted with a touch of funny, so maybe a little chillaxing might be in order t-slice;)
Not a crime wave in the States for sure...the reason for this post is that cars are being stolen, and I don't want my car stolen...get it?
Gotta admit I missed the touch of funny, glad it was at least intended.
Obviously I am not his mother...and I don't know how post a link...and that is funny all by please stop being so gods! sighing...
Forget funny, the whole point of my offering is to find out how not to have OBD hackers steal my car, and how to prevent itl!!! feel the faux anger and over respond to it please
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