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Debunking the myth of new car depreciation

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I'm sure you ALL heard the "don't buy a new car! It loses so much value after you drive it off the lot" crap. I heard it from everyone. But then today I got a very interesting call :)

I bought a black ST without any options for 21k about a month ago. A guy from a local dealer (I traveled all the way to vegas to get mine, was well worth the trip) called me today saying they have a used orange ST at a tent sale. It has painted wheels and a moonroof. and SIX thousand miles. They are asking $25,401 for it!!! I almost died. A tent sale.... 6k miles... and that's almost how much you'd end up spending on a brand new one. What a freaking joke.

Made me feel a heck of a lot better about my purchase. I can probably turn this thing around for a profit right now! But I would never do that :) I love my baby too much. Anyways thought you'd all enjoy that. Have a good weekend!

here is the car listing for those interested -

If you want the sales guy (who honestly is a douchebag, but he said I get $100 if I sell it) his number is 801-687-5770 and his name is Doug
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The best way to buy a new car is with the fewest options you can get. The real depreciation is what they add on for the options. It's a joke. Just another reason I'm glad I have a 0 option oxford white FiST. I'm in the business and have had over 50 cars, and I'm 42. I've done it a few times.
This is certainly the best way if you only keep them for a short while and you do not lease. After a few years, all of those options are not worth anything in reasale, but if you're not happy without them, then you'll be more likely to sell it, vicious cycle :) The difference between the Fiesta ST I leased with every option except recaros and a stripped out ST was like 7 dollars. The recaros would have been another 15$ a month, but after having them on my Focus ST I decided they were too uncomfortable for me.
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