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Debunking the myth of new car depreciation

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I'm sure you ALL heard the "don't buy a new car! It loses so much value after you drive it off the lot" crap. I heard it from everyone. But then today I got a very interesting call :)

I bought a black ST without any options for 21k about a month ago. A guy from a local dealer (I traveled all the way to vegas to get mine, was well worth the trip) called me today saying they have a used orange ST at a tent sale. It has painted wheels and a moonroof. and SIX thousand miles. They are asking $25,401 for it!!! I almost died. A tent sale.... 6k miles... and that's almost how much you'd end up spending on a brand new one. What a freaking joke.

Made me feel a heck of a lot better about my purchase. I can probably turn this thing around for a profit right now! But I would never do that :) I love my baby too much. Anyways thought you'd all enjoy that. Have a good weekend!

here is the car listing for those interested -

If you want the sales guy (who honestly is a douchebag, but he said I get $100 if I sell it) his number is 801-687-5770 and his name is Doug
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sounds like a typical car sale tactic, raise the price way up, talk you down to a better price, you think you got a deal and dealer made a killing. I would not say this suggests new cars don't lose their value. However, I would agree that cars like the ST don't lose value as quickly due to the limited supply and higher demand. Also, rental fleets don't have hundreds of them driving down the used car values.

I bet the car will sell for around $21k in the end. The buyer will love getting $4k off the price, and the dealer will still do ok since they probably gave the poor guy who traded it in about $18k.

Perhaps it is the lack of coffee this morning, but the description of the ST on the dealer's website reads like crap.
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