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Delivery wash

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How many of you are not letting the dealer wash your car upon delivery?

The dreaded lot boy swirls.

Anyone preparing their own wash and requesting a dirty car?

Taking it to a professional shop to have it washed/detailed/waxed/bra'd etc?
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Swing by and ask to see some other cars they've prepped for delivery, our guys typically do a great job.
Yeah...Have had a peak at the work there, and I know exactly who will be doing my car if I leave it to them.. And it's less than comforting hehe. I left it to the dealership on both my previous purchases... And both were delivered with a pretty horrific amount of swirls/scratches. I'm no professional, but I'm a lot more satisfied with my cleaning than theirs... So I am leaning towards doing it myself. A good way to get acquainted with the new ride anyway ;) Finishing a good clean-up on a personal vehicle is a good feeling.

I paid a pretty penny to have the Raptor taken care of professionally to undo what the dealership did... He told me in far less polite words, never ever ever to let them touch my vehicle again. Needless to say from that point onward all of my services came with a "no wash" note. The only time I've seen a worse job done, was when my mom took an S.O.S pad to her f-150....

I appreciate the effort, and never complained... but yeah. The dealership quality wash gave me a stomach ache.

It's nice to know that some places do a better job and I have no doubt that your place is one of em ;)
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My dealership did an outstanding job when I picked my car up.
My dealership did an outstanding job when I picked my car up.
Looks good in the pics TTP :) . Hey what are your thoughts on the car after driving it almost a week ? Soon to be another TB FiST in the BC interior !
I"m going handwash my fist at the dealer and not have the lot guys do it and today I bought some turtle wax ice liquid wax to use on the car
Looks good in the pics TTP :) . Hey what are your thoughts on the car after driving it almost a week ? Soon to be another TB FiST in the BC interior !
Can't wait for you to get yours!\

One week in, I'm absolutely loving it. I was concerned the first few days because I was getting these weird back spasms which I was dreadfully attributing to the Recaros being too tight for my back/shoulders (I'm not small; 6'4'', 220 lb). It has since subsided completely, and I can't tell if the seats have broken in a little more, if my adjusting of the seat height and tilt helped, or if my spasms were from weight training. Regardless (so far) they have subsided and are currently not an issue.

I've driven with three other passengers, and while the two in the back need to be average to below-average in height to have any chance of fit, we all managed, with me pulling my seat forward. No worries there, exactly what I expected. Once a month I can adjust my seat if I have to. I like the second doors for putting a backpack or briefcase onto.

Sony audio system is terrific.

I've used bluetooth audio on my phone, and while there are some problems with getting certain tracks at certain times to start immediately, I'd say it works flawlessly 90% of the time, and the remaining 10% takes an extra few seconds of forwarding and reversing the track and maybe hitting play/pause a few times. Weird, but there are workarounds.

Calls are great, voice commands are great.

Heated seats heat up fast. Passengers were commenting on the heat and how surprised they were at the short time it took to get toasty.

Plenty of power, always at your foot. Good fuel economy so far, haven't gone through a full tank yet, but I'll eventually top up and try an econo tank to see some l/km numbers.

Visibility is actually pretty good, for all angles. Blind spot mirrors work great. My lowest visibility is actually when reversing - I cannot see at all to the back-driver side when I'm looking back reversing. A little unnerving, and it requires extra caution and head-turning.

Zero buyers remorse. Drove by the Subaru lot and saw a BRZ with a sticker for $31,0000 CAD and just smiled. For $6000 less you get a car better in a lot of aspects, comparable in others, and only coming up short in very specific aspects. The BRZ was my second choice, and I feel completely confident that I made the right one for me.

Sound symposer works great. Low RPM, low throttle driving is quiet, and only once you get into the 3300-4000rpm range get onto the throttle and ask something of the turbo does the engine growl kick in. It's nice.

Meeting with a guy tomorrow to talk about tinting the windows. Excited.
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I can't wait to get mine either :) thanks for sharing your insights. Hope to have some of mine own to share sooner rather than later. Oh great minds think alike. Having the dealer install tinting prior to delivery :)
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