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Hey everyone just putting up a little message becuase you never know!!!!
I am just looking for a little help for this great community I was planing on doing some mods to my 2014 fist but can no longer work due to a serious injury to my lower spine. I had a ton of feed bags fall on me from a crane when one of the straps broke.
I can no longer work and my life has been reduced to laying on the couch! Only on good days am i able to take my baby out for a rip. Thank god for heated seat lol!!!!!
I just wanted to put it out there that I still would love to get some mods on my baby and have a friend who will install anything for me free. So if anyone has anything laying around air intakes, bov's, tuners,anything!!!!!
I just want the one true love in my life to be as much fan as it can be for the few days a week I can get out.
Thanks alot for reading my post!!!
PS - Dont like asking but its the only way I might get to upgrade my fist.
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