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Does the Fiesta ST come with ambient lighting?

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Does it come with it standard? I've build a FoST and FiST countless times on ford's site. On the FoST I see I can add it as part of a $4k package. But on some reviews of the FiST I've heard it mentioned. Is it an option or is it standard?

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I have it in mine and I believe it is standard in all FiST.
I also keep mine on red. Not only does it match my car, it's better for night vision.
Completely pointless, but occasionally entertaining. Kind of want to find a way to set it to automatically change color. Would be interesting.
I wouldn't say pointless, Having the cupholders illuminated does make it easier to get your early morning coffee mug back into the hole. :)
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1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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