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door panel upgrade?

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The biggest thing that is annoying me so far is the front door panels in my car. When I open the door I always try to catch a little pocket in the arm rest that isn't there and then I have to reach forward to the handle to keep the door from swinging out with no control.

Since the handle is near the hinge the control is not ideal because a little movement near the hinge translates to a large movement near the rear of the door.

Other cars have a little pocket that just seems to gather lint and crud until you drive a car without it and suddenly I'm missing it.

Did the Fiesta ever have that little pocket with the new style door panel?
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I agree with you. The position of the grab handle really sucks. The leverage of the door weight just works against you. I find myself trying to scrabble at the window seal area. Especially if there's a vehicle close to you, it's all too easy for the door to get away from you. I've tried to imagine a grab handle that I could fabricate & install, but with my skills, it would probably look like crap. And no, the current Fiestas haven't had a decently placed grab.
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