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Doughnut delete, modified stock pipe, and hose, clamp, ready to install

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NEW PRICE, $39 Shipped OBO, going soon as I have an offer:)

For $39 shipped, which will cost around $10 to ship them, you get the $22 hose, $2 SS hose clamp, the pipe out of the turbo so you can leave yours stock if needed later on...and the time to go get parts, fuel to get the parts, time to do the work, all you have is a few minutes time to invest and done

If delete your own and later need to have a stock one it will cost you a great deal more;)


Fast and simple way to delete your doughnut. First mod on my car but no miles as the car is on the lift for major mods and I just built a 2" all tubing one to replace this as going to a larger turbo as soon as available, this is all you need for a stock turbo.

Get this and keep your stock doughnut intact if you ever need it for any reason.

See the picture and link here, the hose looks much better in person, nice and black, I cleaned it up a bit, it is a high grade hose that cost $22.

$49 shipped in cont US, OBO, OBO, OBO:)

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My apologies for reviving an old thread. I reconfigured the hot-side intercooler piping today, the "donut" does not appear to be a resonator or sound modifier. It appears to be a reservoir for containing the oil that comes from the turbo, keeping it out of the intercooler. Removing this unit will ultimately allow oil to enter the intercooler at an increased rate. I doubt this will hinder performance, but it does make a mess...
I was thinking back to prior boosted cars, NA ones I boosted, boosted ones I added more boost to......a little oil is normal....a lot is not.
If we can figure out a way to capture that oil before it goes into the intake manifold....................even better before the IC.............

Ford may have already done that... :p. I have a 6.0, and a 7.3 PSD, both have a lot of oil in the IC from years of use.

That specific part (donut) may not be serviceable, but it is removable (soft pipes on both sides) and could be removed and drained. I cut it open and found oil in the reservoir closest to the turbo. I have roughly 1100mi of mixed highway and track driving on the car. It does not appear that there is really any sound-affecting baffling inside the unit, thus my thoughts as a oil-catch use.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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