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Drop in Air Filter Options

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Looking to purchase a drop in air filter, wanted to know what options are available already. From my quick online search I could only find these two options on FS Werks:

Has anyone already already purchased a drop in yet? If so, what did you get and how do you like it? Does anyone have any performance figures on any available filters? Thanks!
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And k&n. I picked one up and noticed a more eager car with slightly quicker spool. That's about it
I've used K&N and Cobb (Green). Throttle response is better and maybe a tad quicker turbo spool. Maybe some torque, but peak power, probably not.
I added a K&N and I think it coincided with slightly increased turbo noise (whistle and blowoff). Power might be better but not enough to note a clear difference.

Most oiled cotton filters will perform similarly, take your pick.
I got a Green drop-in filter from FSWERKS and it seems to whoosh and whistle more vs. the OE air filter.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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