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The Focus might have a huge power advantage on paper, but the Fiesta can out perform it on the track and autocrossing. Only on very long courses would the Focus ST start to really do well, but the faster it travels on the straights, the more braking it needs to slow down. Braking is where the Focus ST can't hang with the Fiesta ST. Having been autocrossing and at the track with both cars, the less powerful Fiesta ST is far better of a performer. I would not bother trying to bridge a power gap that only exists on paper. People seem to assume the Fiesta ST is the underdog compared to the Focus ST, but that just isn't the case. Even off road, the Fiesta ST can go places and do things that the Focus ST struggles. Drag racing and top speed are really the only things the Focus ST does better, but nobody buys a sport compact for those things.

Thanks, really good to hear of your experience in both. I have not driven both or done any track or autox driving in my Fiesta ST yet, but it does strike me as an extremely well balanced vehicle i.e. power, handling and brakes, much like a Miata in that sense. When I first read about the Focus ST a few years back I was very interested but the many later road tests that mentioned excessive torque steer and wheel hop put me off the car. Learned of the Fiesta ST a month ago, the reviews had me 82% sold and a test drive did the rest ;-)
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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