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F/S Rota Grid 4X108 16X7, 40ET with Kumho 4X tires mounted

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Hey guys, I am planning to go a different route with my wheel set-up so my current set is up for sale!

F/S Rota Grid 16X7 40 offset with Kumho 4X tires mounted

4 hub centric rings are included, each wheels weighs 17lbs without tires

They are in great shape overall, straight and true, just a little curb damage on one wheel that I have pictured, the tires are at about 50% all around.

I am located in Fairfax, VA, I prefer local cash/and pick-up, but if buyer is willing to pay for shipping (not cheap), I might be able to accommodate if you set-up freight pick-up.

$350 for the set

PM me for more information if you are interested, thanks!

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I'm really a fan of the slightly thicker tire, plus these ride a lot better than the 17s, the roads where I live suck. These pictures are with stock suspension.

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Where you get your wheels from? I cant find them anywhere new.

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