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I have a black 2014 ST with the 17" factory stock smoke gray wheels on it. I had new tires installed onto the wheels by what I thought was a reputable tire company. However, the person that did the tire swap took several paint chips from one of my wheels and the tire company will only do something if there was structural damage done to it. I contacted local Ford dealer and asked if there was a special gray paint code for the wheels and was told there isn't. Now I'm trying to find something that will be as close to the smoke gray as possible so I fill in the chips. Does anyone have an idea of what I can use or where I can go to find this color?

Thank you in advance for you time.

If nobody has a good answer for you, my first stop for something that's not super visible is a drug store for nail polish. And as silly as it sounds,if you can find the color you need in a more expensive brand (Essie is always a safe bet), spring for it. It'll have significantly more pigment and require fewer applications than cheaper stuff.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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