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Fiesta R5 Carbon spoiler and carbon wrapped pieces

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Hey everyone! So my project Fiesta ST continues and the latest additions have been completed today. Just wanted to share a few pics of what was done. First, a big thank you to for the fabrication, prep work, paint and assembly of the spoiler components. This is a family owned business and the attention to detail on all their work is just amazing. Gail, Ralph, Ryan and Josh Bell are great people! Second, I want to thank David and his dad at for the fast quality wrapping of the lower rear diffuser, mirrors and headlights. The textured 3M carbon wrap looks much better in person. I'll definitely be going back for additional work on the front bumper. I think it is funny that initially, I had no intentions of modifying the ST as it was just going to be a fun commuter. Who was I kidding, half the fun is making it your own.
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I like the spoiler, skirts, splitter, and the wrapped lower part of the rear diffuser. Thumbs up all around in my book!
are you talking about the Gurney Flap added to the factory spoiler? If so, I would be hugely interested in that. The spoilers shown on the SEMA cars look to be the 3dCarbon spoilers with the Gurney Flap molded into place and not a seperate part that could be added to the factory spoiler.

I am hugely impressed with the 3M DiNoc carbon wrap on the rear diffuser. I have done a lot of work with the stuff and can never get it to come out right.
That is how I would wrap the diffuser for the same reason. One strip to cover the top and vertical part, and then a larger peice to cover the bottom. Maybe I will order some more DiNoc and give it a shot. Can you post a picture of the car outside showing the entire rear from eye level?
well crap, looks like I will need to get more DiNoc on order. Keep an eye on the section near the exhaust tips as the vinyl gets cranky when exposed to heat.

Overall, very nicely done!
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I have my engine cover, air box top, and the tube from the bumper to the air box wrapped. Sections of the engine cover wants to lift from the heat. I found that removing the ST badge and running the vinyl under the plaque helps. 3M makes "adhesive promoter" to help get it to stick better, but I did not use it. If I decide to re-wrap the cover, I will use the promoter stuff. Probably do the same for the diffuser to help it stick.

2015 Ford Fiesta ST Mountune Induction Hose
Bryan Redeker BRGT350, on Flickr
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I wrapped the LED bezels and hatch strip on my 2011 Fiesta in an attempt to get rid of the chrome. Planned on doing the belt-line moulding, but never got around to it. Did the HVAC and shift surround molding on the interior as well.

2011 Ford Fiesta For Sale, 3M DiNoc Carbon Film
by Bryan Redeker BRGT350, on Flickr

2011 Ford Fiesta For Sale with Borla Exhaust, 3dCarbon Body Kit
by Bryan Redeker BRGT350, on Flickr

2011 Ford Fiesta Center Console
by Bryan Redeker BRGT350, on Flickr

2011 Racetech Ford Fiesta For Sale
by Bryan Redeker BRGT350, on Flickr

2011 Racetech Ford Fiesta 014
by Bryan Redeker BRGT350, on Flickr
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Fiesta ST UHMW underbody protection
by Bryan Redeker BRGT350, on Flickr

2015 Ford Fiesta ST prepped for winter
by Bryan Redeker BRGT350, on Flickr

Already installed ;)

I use WRC gravel urethane mud flaps up front and Sparco ones in the rear, both are universal. The fronts are going on 15 years old and starting to get a little rough. I only use them in winter to protect the sides from salt/sand abrasion and ice buildup. I also added UHMW underbody sheilds under the rear doors for extra protection. I installed a set of RokBlokz mudflaps on an ST this weekend and they look like they would do pretty good year round. I might get a set for the summer and then add the urethane ones on as extra protection. Our roads are horrible in Michigan with half the year being covered in salt/sand/ice/snow and the other half spent fixing the damage from winter.
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I can always tell when it rains in SoCal because my Instagram and Facebook feed is full of pictures showing rain drops as it is the first time they had ever seen such an event.

The RokBlokz flaps would knock down a large amount of the road tar that gets kicked up from the tires. I try and keep the lower half of the doors and skirts well waxed to make it easier to remove contaminates. Since you have a white car, check out Iron-X spray. It helps get rid of all the rust particles that collect on the sides and rear. With the wing installed, I am guessing you will have more upward air flow behind the car, which will leave more crap on the rear hatch and bumper.

When you had the rear diffuser wrapped, was it done on the car or removed?
Huge fan of what you have done to your ST! Did you do the fog lamp area with matte black or carbon fiber? If you had white wheels, this thing would look like a narrow body R5.

I think I will try the diffuser in the spring and maybe do something different with the fog lamp trim. It is a terribly complex part to wrap with the DiNoc, or at least complex for my skill level.
yeah, white wheels are no fun to clean. I go out every lunch hour in the summer and wipe down the wheels at work. It keeps them ok, but it sure gets old having to clean them daily. Went with the dark grey wheels for the winter when cleaning daily isn't an option.

I could easily see a market for making the matte black fog lamp decals, or any color for that matter. Really looks good!
Great looking car, I really like the clean black and white and some CF blend you have chosen.

I have been looking at many ideas on a real rear wing for my street/track build and may have to copy you on this, nothing else seems to come out right and I want a real wing.

I searched Cestra Racing, it seems the S2000 wing is the one you have, correct?

I have a new take off stock ST spoiler(as mentioned by another member, it is not really a wing) and have been looking at ways to section out the middle and build in a wing but raised up, or a full width wing, etc...but not started on it.

The TR splitter is more cosmetic than functional, yours probably could be modded like what I did to my TR.

It has been modded since to include a big duct at the rear of the undertray to that forces are up behind the engine to help pull more air out of the engine bay. I was advised by the Ford race shop manager at MMP in Utah when he saw this on the lift. I have not put in the elements to push air away from the tires yet. The rear mount/subframe brace is also a bit of a wicker bill, which he liked, to help the undertray work better. I used Alumalite, very low weight, strong and affordable as I expect to have to replace it at some point so going to make a spare splitter/undertray.

I am going to use the area below the grill that is not a 1/2" or so tall duct sealed by adding the undertray as the brake cooling inlet, right now the air just blows through it so wasted airflow and turbulence I will turn into an asset.

If not for that those Porsche brake fins are a nice easy option and could be made using some ABS sheet and a heat gun pretty easily.

I would like some side skirts but pushing the limit on the points scale, already putting the car into a fast TT class, I have to be careful to not go to the next one as it would be a tough place for a FWD tall car that I can only fit 225 track tires on.

Again, great looking car, nicely done, thanks for posting:)

This picture is almost NSFW.

Very nicely done!
did you use 3M Di-Noc or 3M 1080 for the diffuser? The reviews for 1080 sounds like that might be the stuff to use for wrapping complex shapes.
thanks Kamakazee. I have only used the Di-Noc in the past, but the latest reports are saying the 1080 is better for complex surfaces. I might try the 1080 on a few interior parts with complex geometry and then use the Di-Noc on the diffuser. I prefer the matte finish of the Di-Noc as well. I have a sample of 1080 coming to compare the gloss to Di-Noc before buying any for the interior. I do know the Di-Noc holds up pretty well on the exterior. I had it on my 2011 since it was new and it held up well to winter and constant abuse from road debris on the front of the car. The diffuser is better protected and it should be a great place to use it.

I spent last Saturday looking at all the dry carbon fiber on the new Ford GT and that reminded me that I need to wrap the diffuser this spring.
Haha I know bro, I was talking about the spoiler! I wish I had a couple of hundred thousand dollars to just buy one though haha. I really want to know the price of the spoiler because I'm really interested in buying one. And this particular one looks insane
From the post at the top of the page;
"I paid around $650 for the wing and shipping was approximately $95. Here's the link:"

You will need the non-ST spoiler to go with the R5 wing. I happen to have a non-ST spoiler for sale right now. DM me if you are interested.
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