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Fiesta R5 Carbon spoiler and carbon wrapped pieces

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Hey everyone! So my project Fiesta ST continues and the latest additions have been completed today. Just wanted to share a few pics of what was done. First, a big thank you to for the fabrication, prep work, paint and assembly of the spoiler components. This is a family owned business and the attention to detail on all their work is just amazing. Gail, Ralph, Ryan and Josh Bell are great people! Second, I want to thank David and his dad at for the fast quality wrapping of the lower rear diffuser, mirrors and headlights. The textured 3M carbon wrap looks much better in person. I'll definitely be going back for additional work on the front bumper. I think it is funny that initially, I had no intentions of modifying the ST as it was just going to be a fun commuter. Who was I kidding, half the fun is making it your own.
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wait, what, u change the oem st spoiler for a oem non st spoiler to put that wing? not felling that spoiler
but the front splitter looks sexy
Yeah, the mounting brackets required the installation of the base spoiler. I had no issues with how the oem ST spoiler looked but I've always been a fan of rally cars, especially the Fiesta R5 variant from M-Sport. It's all good though, personal preferences aside I thought it turned out better than I expected. i also have the roof vent as well but I'm still on the fence as to whether or not I should have that mounted...

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what lip is that? and so you just have it carbon wrapped? I like it
Lol I guess the general consensus on the spoiler is a neg! No biggy I love it! The front splitter is made by Bojix Design. The three pieces on the car that are true carbon are the rear spoiler, side skirts and front splitter. The parts that are wrapped in 3M carbon are the side mirrors and rear lower diffuser. Headlights are wrapped in matte black.
I don't really think the spoiler works with the lines of the 5-door non-widebody, but it's not my car and it's kind of nice seeing someone do something that's different.

Are they interested in making any more side-skirts?
It really is a shame that Ford decided not to bring over the 3-door but my wife would've killed me for choosing the "impractical" version lol! Anyhow, I've had the sideskirts for over a year now but Bojix's latest SEMA car had them including another built ST so I'm assuming they should have them in stock. I remember I had to call them to see if they had them in stock after checking last years wide body ST and mine had to be ordered. I would call them and ask for Haro. They are located literally right behind Citrus Ford in Ontario.

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Also, I forgot to mention if anyone noticed that they added a gull style rear spoiler extension. It is really subtle but I remember talking to Haro months ago about a possible production release. It's a fairly clean design for folks who want to keep it low key.
are you talking about the Gurney Flap added to the factory spoiler? If so, I would be hugely interested in that. The spoilers shown on the SEMA cars look to be the 3dCarbon spoilers with the Gurney Flap molded into place and not a seperate part that could be added to the factory spoiler.

I am hugely impressed with the 3M DiNoc carbon wrap on the rear diffuser. I have done a lot of work with the stuff and can never get it to come out right.
You're probably right. It does look like the 3dcarbon spoiler. I'm sure they didn't have time to fabricate a one off since they're usually pressed for time.

Dave a Rolotech said they had to use two pieces to wrap the rear diffuser to avoid the wrap from shrinking too much since it has to be stretched over. If you look closely at the pic, you could see that there is one sheet wrapped over the top and ends right over the lip.
That is how I would wrap the diffuser for the same reason. One strip to cover the top and vertical part, and then a larger peice to cover the bottom. Maybe I will order some more DiNoc and give it a shot. Can you post a picture of the car outside showing the entire rear from eye level?
Here you go!

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Haha nice, glad I could inspire you! Thanks for the heads-up on the exhaust heat. He had a car with its valve cover wrapped in the same material so hopefully that is a good indication of its heat resiliency.
Looks great! Seems like a lot of people are opting towards wrap for that custom look. It is nice to have the option to switch back or do something different without breaking the bank.
I notice you have mudguards on the 2011 Fiesta. How effective are they? I'm considering Armor bodies whenever they plan on releasing them but wanted to get your feedback. Ever since I went with a wider wheel/tire package, I've been struggling to scrub crap like tar and other debris off the door panels and rear bumper. Any plans on installing them on your ST?
Thank you for the feedback and pics, Bryan! I guess we really don't have it nearly as bad here in Southern California. Those RokBlokz look nice. I think it rained 3 or 4 days out of the whole year so far here, it's really pathetic at this point. We need the rain so bad but the spoiled brats of Socal think it is like the end of the world at the first sign of moisture in the air.
I can always tell when it rains in SoCal because my Instagram and Facebook feed is full of pictures showing rain drops as it is the first time they had ever seen such an event.

The RokBlokz flaps would knock down a large amount of the road tar that gets kicked up from the tires. I try and keep the lower half of the doors and skirts well waxed to make it easier to remove contaminates. Since you have a white car, check out Iron-X spray. It helps get rid of all the rust particles that collect on the sides and rear. With the wing installed, I am guessing you will have more upward air flow behind the car, which will leave more crap on the rear hatch and bumper.

When you had the rear diffuser wrapped, was it done on the car or removed?
Very cool thanks for the tip! Yup the sides and rear have this build-up of brown contaminants that won't come off with normal car washes. I just purchased a Pinnicle clay bar kit from so hopefully that gets the job done.

As for the rear diffuser, the guys did not have to remove the diffuer to wrap but I imagine it would be somewhat easier with it off of the car. Actually without a second pair of hands and depending on how flexible the piece is, it might be more difficult with it off since you have to stretch the wrap a little.

I couldn't help myself. Yesterday, I paid the guys at Rolotech another visit to have a few more accent pieces wrapped which includes the rear license plate opening and fog lights opening. They didn't have time to black out the center piece right below the intercooler but that will be for next week. :)

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Huge fan of what you have done to your ST! Did you do the fog lamp area with matte black or carbon fiber? If you had white wheels, this thing would look like a narrow body R5.

I think I will try the diffuser in the spring and maybe do something different with the fog lamp trim. It is a terribly complex part to wrap with the DiNoc, or at least complex for my skill level.
Thanks! Most of my inspiration has come from the R5 itself along with the Olsbergs edition for the fog light trim. I decided to go with the matte black wrap for the foglights. Before I even purchased the Team Dynamics wheels, I thought about having it painted white but I've had white wheels before and they are a nightmare to maintain, especially with how much brake dust the pads emit. They would stain the wheels in no time so I settled with the Bronze for now. I might go with a satin back down the line.
I agree with that, and always wondered what the R5 spoiler would look like on an ST. I love the look, but I'm not sure I'd have the balls to make the switch.

Sorry if I missed this but is the spoiler the same one they use for the R5 or did you have it made?
Yes the carbon spoiler is the exact replica used on the R5. It is produced by Cestra Racing based in Italy. I purchased the brackets that have to be welded to the tailgate directly from M-sport at approx. $50 a piece along with stainless steel nuts and bolts. The base spoiler I purchased on Ebay for $60 and had them paint to match the car. I took a big chance and invested a lot of money in this project but I'm happy with the results.
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yeah, white wheels are no fun to clean. I go out every lunch hour in the summer and wipe down the wheels at work. It keeps them ok, but it sure gets old having to clean them daily. Went with the dark grey wheels for the winter when cleaning daily isn't an option.

I could easily see a market for making the matte black fog lamp decals, or any color for that matter. Really looks good!
That's exactly what I had to do to maintain white wheels on my motorcycle as well. It was definitely a labor of love.

I like the fact that I can describe to Dave at Rolotech exactly what I want done and it gets done better than I expected :) He did mention that it was a little tough to get the vinyl underneath the black fog light shroud but in the end it worked out. Cobb did their Pat Tilman ST in a red trim against black and it looks great as well!
Your newest photos really showcase the mods - they add up to a pretty terrific-looking package. Well done. I'm especially surprised by the fog light housing vinyl - very Lamborghini, and I mean that in a good way.
Thanks man! I agree, the individual mods by themselves aren't too impressive until you put it all into one package. I'm still not quite content with the front and rear set-up but I'll be sure to post the changes in the coming week...or two.
Which front lip is that? And where did you get those side skirts?
I bought the front splitter and skirts from Bojix Design:

They don't have the skirts listed on the site so I would give them a call.
Mind if I ask what you paid for the side skirts?

*Isn't $500 USD Steep for a Front Lip?
It has been a while so don't quote me on it but I think it was around $500-$600. Yes it is expensive but only because they aren't mass manufactured. Coming from the motorcycle industry, this isn't too bad considering a carbon fender can cost about the same if not more.
I think you did a great job with the wing. Looking at the way it's attached (and given the thing itself is an "exact" replica), I bet it actually does some real work at track speeds (thinking stability in very high speed sweepers and stand-on-it breaking situations at the end of long straight, heading into a slow-speed sequence). It looks a lot like the wing on one of the Team O'Neill rally cars.

A couple images of that application:

So, so me, this wing is more functional than cosmetic (hah, rare to be able to say that) which makes me wonder about the lip/splitter. Is there any under tray to that thing or is it like the Triple R piece -- purely cosmetic? I'd be wary myself of adding downforce to the back end without something on the nose to help balance/tune the aero effects.

Thanks for sharing. I think that wing is a good option (with your attachment setup) for someone wanting to tune out any rear-end instability.

My opinion: It's not really just a spoiler as it actually sits in the relatively clean air stream just above the tail of the car, and assuming it's "flying upside down," the wing provides real downforce at speed -- not so much for a daily driver. A spoiler is usually just a device that is flush to the hood (or maybe with a bit of a vertical lip) meant to break up the trailing edge vortex (reducing drag and lift).

You're welcome! It is funny that you brought up Team O'Neil. I initially contacted them to try to get some information and purchase the set-up since they are affiliated with M-Sport. After no response, I emailed M-Sport UK directly. A gentleman named Scott replied to my inquiry and laid down the foundation to this project. I wouldn't have been able to do this without his help.

In regards to the functional aspect, I have no doubt there is one. There is this one particular turn I have a tendency to negotiate fairly quick when the mood suits. It is a turn most people take at approx. 25 mph. I have gone as fast as 45-50 mph which would result in the back end sliding out in a very predictable manner. After the installation of the wing, going at the same speed, the car now "digs" into the turn. The back end no longer kicks out unless I jerk really hard on the steering wheel. I have taken this route hundreds of times going to and from work and the results are predictable.

As for the front splitter, as far as I know is more cosmetic but I don't have any real evidence that it is functional. There is no under tray reinforcement. It is also mounted in a similar fashion to the Triple R splitter. There is a Ford race team based in Hong Kong who uses both this wing and Triple R splitter (or what looks exactly like it). Makes me wonder it it actually is a functional splitter since I don't see a race team slapping something on that is purely cosmetic...

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I forgot about 2Jracing's setup. You're right I'm sure there is more to it than just the carbon spiltter. I love what you did to the 2 door Focus! I would love to have a dedicated track car as well. Like you said, what is great on the track usually doesn't go well for a street car, especially a daily driver. Do you have any pics of your current set up? I'm trying to fight the urge to go beyond my current Cobb stage 3 set up and focus more on figuring out a way to put more power to the ground. I don't know... at the rate I'm modding the FiST, it might end up as just a weekend fun car. My wife would kill me though as I promise that we'll get her a Mazda 3 as a daily since her Tacoma is such a gas hog.
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