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Fiesta RS?

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Not AWD? I'll pass. It probavly wont make it to the US anyway.

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Yeah, I'm not gonna hold my breath. That bodywork doesn't look like it'd adapt to the 5-door as easily as the ST's did, and Ford isn't likely to homologate the 3-door for US sales just for one model. That aside, if it's a real RS it'll involve comfort and practicality compromises that would make it a less desirable car anyway. Part of why I like the FiST so much is that it's a normal practical car with added performance, if it were going to be a dedicated two-seater I'd get a real sports car instead.
What would be sweet is them bringing the 3 door variant here as the RS. That I would buy in a heartbeat.;)
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Not likely. Though who knows about the MK VIII... I may be in a mini-van by then... :eek:
Suprised they just dont call it a R3. After all that is the FIA class that our ST would race in anyways. (1.6L turbo 2wd 250hp limit)

Also suprised M-Sport builds an R2 then skips all the way up to R5.

The ST is essentially a non-caged street version of a R3 class street car. It would be an easy selling point to rack up some national, european and world championships with one. If I were Ford, I'd sink money into those championships since they dont offer an awd street version anyway.

As a side note, Rally America needs to get w/ the program and class cars correctly according to FIA rules.
That looks like a lot of parts could bolt on to an ST.

I hope they chose the right LSD, there is one out there that would be perfect but its not a Quaife...
I don't see a Fiesta RS in the future, but a good chance for a Focus RS. It would be a tough sell to have a Fiesta RS priced well above the Focus ST. The larger size and price point of the Focus make it a better candidate for the RS. However, the RS model has always been the WRC car and the Focus doesn't rally anymore. I also doubt it will have a mechanical LSD since Ford has been working on using electronics and geometry to get away from a mechanical LSD.

What is known, from a number of sources, is that it will be FWD, gas powered, and have a manual transmission. AWD is heavy, complex, expensive, and hard to package. There was rumors of a turbo FWD/electric RWD Focus RS, but that isn't accurate.

As for a rally Fiesta ST, there is already one going together and plans for a lot more of them for the Rally America series. :)
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