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Fiesta ST Cargo Mat

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Does anyone have the Fiesta ST cargo mat for the trunk? I saw in another forum that someone said it will not fit if you have the floor load to the lowest position. Is this true? If so, it's kind of dumb that they designed it like that because I hate how high up they have the floor. You can barely fit anything in the trunk unless you put it at the lowest position.
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This was something I noticed right away about the FiST. The wasted space below the trunk floor bugged me as my subaru had a tray that I used to put all kinds of stuff from extra clothes and shoes to emergnecy supplies. I solved the problem by going to target and buying a collapsable under teh bed storage bin. Its a nylon cloth box with a clear top and zipper so I can see everything that is in it and it fits snug in the back of the car. Was a great way to fix one of my only complaints about the trunk area.

I have the 4 interior all weather mats on order from the dealer but was wondering where I could get the ST trunk mat. Is that something that is online only or can it be ordered from ford? They list a ST specific mat but it doesn't have the ST logo in the picture.

Hopefully I have the right stuff coming from the dealer...

Where did most people get their trunk mat and what does it cost?

I have both mats.
I have set my floor to be permanently in the lower than lowest position by removing the full size spare.
I am therefore using the non-ST mat.
I will be putting the (never used) ST Cargo mat up for sale next week, $85.00 shipped.

I might take you up on that offer. I have to see what the dealer comes back with. I'm gettin the inside and trunk may at cost as a part of my deal. Just waiting to see if the right trunk mat comes in.
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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