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Fiesta ST Cargo Mat

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Does anyone have the Fiesta ST cargo mat for the trunk? I saw in another forum that someone said it will not fit if you have the floor load to the lowest position. Is this true? If so, it's kind of dumb that they designed it like that because I hate how high up they have the floor. You can barely fit anything in the trunk unless you put it at the lowest position.
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I wound up taking off the two plastic brackets for the load floor. It's just one screw on each side and they come right off. This way the load floor lays flat on the spare tire without any finicky adjustments. There is a substantial metal tab hiding inside the plastic cover that bears the bulk of the weight, so if you need to lay the load floor panel in the higher position, you still can. The only reduction in function is that you cannot raise and lock the floor in the upward tabs.
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Glad it helped.
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